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Tens or Better, One Play

Online video poker has brought Jacks or Better to the next level. Tens or Better is a similar game, except now the poker player can get paid for two of a kind-- tens or better!

The video poker player is dealt one hand in which they can keep or discard whichever cards they like. Don't get caught up on two of a kinds lower than tens, because they won't count, unless you get the third card to make it three of a kind!

Bored with just one deal each turn? Spice it up with our 3 Play Tens or Better, which deals three hands, or 10 Play Tens or better, which, you guessed it, deals ten whole hands!

  • two of a kind counts with tens or higher
  • video poker with one hand
  • your high score will be saved even when you leave
  • watch your money grow, hopefully
  • free online poker all the time

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